Breast Cancer (Before and After)

Dr. Hirome Shinya was born in 1935 in Fukuoka. After graduationg from Juntendo Univesity, School of Medicine, he came to the U.D., was internationally active and made a phenomenal impact as a pioneer in the field of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.
He is currently a clinical professor of surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the director of Surgical Endoscopy of the Beth Israel Medical Center. He is also affiliated with both the Maeda Hospital and Hanzoo-mon Gastrointestinal Clinic in Japan>

Dr. Hirome Shinya have utilized Kangen Water
to treat some of his patients as shown below:


After drinking Kangen Water

Chronic Constipation (Before and After)


After drinking Kangen Water for 3 months


E Friends Magazine
July 2002

I want to help my neighbors.
Ryoko Matsuda

 “Relying of medical treatment and medicine won’t cure diseases. A person needs to aggressively prevent disease. “ says Ryoko Matsuda, a practicing nurse.
Ryoko conveys her experiences with Kangen Water in this article.

After an all night conversation, the doctor finally said, “I’ll be your guinea pig.”

As is often the case with doctors, this practicing surgeon didn’t pay attention to his own health. However, he was a former teacher of Ryoko.
He had helped her a lot when she was fresh out of nursing school.

Now, the doctor had both stomach and lung cancer, and he was only
given two days to live.
As a doctor, he knew what cancer would do to his body, and he had already given up.

Determined to do something, Ryoko visited the doctor at six o’clock in the evening,
and stayed with him until morning, extolling the benefits of Kangen Water.

“Ryoko, if water could cure diseases, I’d be out of a job,” the doctor said.

Ryoko was in despair then, but she smiles now when she tells the story of how she got
the doctor to try Kangen Water.

“Doctor, if you already think there is no hope, why don’t you at least try Kangen Water?” Whether her concern for the doctor got through or not, he finally agreed to
try Kangen Water. The doctor said, “I’ll become your patient, Ryoko.”

At the time, even Ryoko didn’t completely believe that this decision would save the doctor’s life, but she hoped that this would be a last-minute reprieve.

The next day, the started drinking four liters of Kangen Water a day. On the second day,
he vomited up some kind of dark black matter. A pure black liquid like
dark stools also was expelled from his body – enough to fill a bucket.
He increased his intake of Kangen Water to six and then eight liters a day.
Unbelievably, the cancer was gone by the third week.
Ryoko rejoiced when the doctor said “We did it!” Her friend’s recovery demonstrated
the power of Kangen Water to Ryoko.

The doctor has since returned to an active practice as a surgeon. Kangen Water has beaten modern Western medicine.

“I believe in the power of Kangen Water, “she says “I also inherited the cancer gene.
I drink Kangen Water everyday and plan to live a long, healthy life for my children’s sake.”

Ryoko was born with a weak constitution. She has had a weak heart from the time she
was a child; she also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.
But all of her symptoms disappeared once she started drinking Kangen Water. Ryoko works as a home care nurse
. After her own positive experience,
she was able to introduce thirty of her cancer patients to Kangen Water.
Twenty-six of them were able to return to normal, productive lives.

Ryoko learned about Kangen system from a Kangen salesman and realized the importance of water two years ago, and she purchased the system immediately.
Ryoko says, “People should be more concerned about preventive medicine.”

Ryoko has seen many women get breast cancer, have surgery, and return home.
Then two-to-three months later they have a recurrence and end up in the hospital again.
As a practicing nurse, one thing that Ryoko hopes to impart to such cancer patients is
that these recurrences occur because patientsthink they are cured and that they don’t
need to change their lifestyles. “I want to teach people how to maintain their health the Enagic way,” Ryoko says.